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Client Reviews

"Jody does more than capture an image, she’s on your side, sensing you and bringing the real or ideal you to the fore. Also, she’s a hella great person and a force for great." Winter Miller, Playwright 


"Jody took the single best photo of me ever, effortlessly, on location, in completely natural midsummer light. Studio sessions with her have been equally delightful. In fact, I've turned to Jody many times for headshots, publicity pix, and production photography, and each experience has been specific to its purpose, relaxed, professional, and truly collaborative. Jody's not an image factory. She takes great care to tailor something unique to her subject whether it's a lone individual or a great big off-Broadway show. If you don't recognize a Jody Christopherson photo right off the bat, it's only because each one is a singular work of art meant to capture whatever makes her client look and feel special."  -J. Stephen Brantley , Actor/ Playwright/ Artistic Director Hard Sparks


"We were lucky enough to have Jody Christopherson shoot our 2016 Big Give Event at University Settlement. The Big Give is a huge gathering of indie theater creators where we socialize, network and some fortunate individuals leave with grants for Artist and Leadership pay. The event is high energy, the lighting isn't great and there is a ton going on in a crowded and excited room. Jody had a lot of obstacles to work with and shot this event beautifully for us. We told her what we wanted, great photos for social media, images we could use for years on our website that tell a real story about who we are. Not only did she photograph nearly every person in the room, she highlighted the granting lottery so you could almost follow from home through the images. The vibe of the event and of our dynamic community is captured impeccably and we will use this work for years to come."

- Randi Berry, Executive Director and Vice President, Indie Theater Fund


"Jody is everything you want in a headshot photographer. She's warm and welcoming and lovely. She makes you tea! She creates an incredibly fun and relaxed environment, and she just makes you feel great. Jody is also an actor, so she gets it - like really gets it. She knows how to capture your spark without over or under doing it. I get so many compliments on the headshots Jody took of me. People always say, "These are really good. They really represent you." And, as simple as that sounds, that is not an easy thing for a headshot photographer to pull off. I walk into meetings and auditions feeling very confident about my shots. They're just right."

- Jocelyn Kuritsy, Actor/Producer, The Muse Project


I cannot believe she turned my wedding photos around so quickly. They are amazing - I feel like I'm able to relive the whole day and experience the pieces I didn't see for myself. I kept finding myself saying "that's the best one!" And then the next photo would beat it. Also, just wanted to note that everyone loved her. She was so positive and enthusiastic and helpful and brought an amazing energy that helped keep all spirits up. I really hope we get a chance to work together again somehow, and I'm referring her out to anyone I know who gets married or needs any photos!- Dominque Hernandez, Bride, Media Consultant, Star Glass Media


"Jody took promotional shots for a play of mine, and later took production images. All of her work was gorgeous and essential to our efforts to promote the show in the press and on social media. Early in the rehearsal process, she came in with a strong but flexible vision. She has a special eye for capturing organic, unfiltered images that haunt and enchant. Her professionalism and her compassionate vibe immediately set all of us at ease and established an environment of collaboration, candor, and humor. Working with her was a joyful experience!" -Abby Rosebrock, Actor/Playwright



"Our session was so fun- start to finish! It was efficient and pleasant, a fun day of dress up where I felt natural, beautiful, and immediately at ease thanks to your spirited, enthusiastic approach. I asked for versatile headshots for acting and writing - and I got them! I would happily have stayed longer - but we got what we needed all in natural light with minimum fuss."

- Fareeda Ahmed, Actor/Playwright 


"I've done my headshots exclusively with Jody for the past 5 years.  I get so many compliments.   It's not only because her professionalism and energy are terrific, but it is also truly because she's a wonderful person and artist, too.  She gets it.  Her rates are unmatched for the quality of the work.  Don't tell her, but she should be charging way more!" - Cate Bottiglione, Actor


"My session with Jody made me feel more like a human and less like a client.  She made suggestions but didn't try to push anything on me that was not for me, like makeup or unnatural poses.  I use her work all over my media, including my business cards, which get a compliment EVERY TIME I give one out. "- Lormarev Jones, Actor/ Theatermaker 



"I am so happy with my headshots Jody Christopherson .... the session included way more kinds of photos than your typical session (both inside with studio lighting, and with natural lighting, in really cool, lightly trafficked spots Jody had scouted out previously.) I generally REALLY HATE getting headshots done, but Jody brings such great energy to the shoot, you can't help but match her." 

- Juliana Francis Kelly, Actor/Playwright



"My comedy partner and I took some promo/ production shots with Jody, and it was awesome! The whole session was really relaxed, we laughed the whole time and got some really great pictures. She managed to really capture the vibe we were going for with the pictures. We took a bunch of different looks in various places over the theater space we were using. The pictures turned out amazing, any time we use them they get the most likes and social media than any of our other promo material. On top of taking photos of me, Jody has worked with the Theater I manage. She's come in for a couple different sessions with a variety of groups/shows for promo material. Every group wanted something different, had a different vibe from another and she rolled with it so well. She managed to capture multiple wonderful photos for each group that fit exactly with the vibe they were looking for. Five stars, would absolutely recommend!"- Tess Henry, Horsetrade Theater Group , Shrug Comedy


"Jody shot a series of headshots for me.  She was incredibly professional, timely, kind, and always interested in finding the best possible shot for my personality.  We started with a conversation about me and what I hoped to accomplish, and the photos took off from there.  I was incredibly comfortable the whole time.  Jody listened to me and was so open to my thoughts, and the result was a series of awesome photos that included me in a Star Trek uniform and blue lipstick, which is basically the most "me" thing I could be.  If you work with Jody, you won't be sorry.  She'll find you in the shot.  You'll be getting immense talent, support, and kindness, all of which are well worth the price!" Jonathan Alexandratos, Playwright



"It can be hard to communicate the essence of a play to someone who wasn't in the room to see it. But Jody Christopherson's photos have helped The Sex Myth: A Devised Play to live on outside the theatre. Jody is fast, reliable, and was able to quickly identify and capture the key moments in our production."- Rachel Hills , Producer, The Sex Myth: A Devised Play



"I hired Jody to photograph my father's 80th surprise birthday party.  I knew I'd be busy hosting and would not have time to capture the days events and wanted to remember them always.  Jody came on board, walked a fine line of "photographer for hire" and guest, was invisible when she needed to be and still managed to be vocal about getting the shots she knew we'd want.  I had such beautiful pictures of the day, the guests, the food, and most of all my father's joy.  I had so many that I was able to make a book for him as a Christmas present - her photos were the gift that kept on giving!"- Heather Cunningham




"I had Jody shoot my live performance of my one-person show, Venus and Adonis. She made me feel very safe and looked after. She was professional and easy going. I loved her work, got a lot of great shots and have used them in my marketing materials ever since. She's a gem."- Misha Bouvion, Actor/ Playwright


"I worked with Jody on promotional shots for a production. It was a wonderful session! She was warm, welcoming and well-prepared for the session. She helped us figure out what kind of visual we wanted to capture for the play and got several great shots for us to pick from. Communication before, during and after was excellent. Jody is terrific to work with and takes amazing photos!"

-Actor/ Playwright, Hannah Vaughn



"I did a headshot session with Jody. It was low stress, high value, and quick return. From picking the tunes to advice on wardrobe, I felt taken care of and able to be my best self, frame by frame. The results were exceptional, providing me with quality headshots and the base of a promotional image for a show I featured in. Would (and do) highly recommend."

- Nate Gebhard, Actor/Dancer/Musician



"Jody took my headshots for auditions and self-producing solo performance work. I was pretty nervous in anticipation of the shoot but when I arrived at Jody's apartment, I was immediately welcomed and warmed by her soft, relaxed energy. She set me up with a cup of coffee, put on some classic Janis Joplin and took the time to engage me in a dialogue about my work which I really valued. By the time we took the photos, I felt completely relaxed and at ease and wound up coming away from the shoot with a number of looks that I was very pleased with. I've used the headshots for a number of promos for my touring solo work and on my website. I've also been successful in using them for auditions since the natural light that Jody used highlights my best features - blue eyes, dark
hair and dramatic intensity." -Erin Layton, Actor/ Playwright



"I love working with Jody. In fact, she is now the official photographer and videographer for all shows produced by my company, August Productions. 


The publicity shots she took for my debut show at 54Below are nothing short of iconic and the outtakes and additional pictures from that session are still in use today. I do not photograph well and Jody found a way to put me at ease and create an environment where I knew I was being captured in my best possible light--both literally and figuratively. 

Her ability to capture stunningly intimate shots of my live performances still amazes me. Her production stills evoke the theatricality and emotion on display in even the smallest moments on stage. I enjoy working with her so much on my personal projects that I hired her to photograph Anne Washburn's Ipigenia in Alus, Directed by Rachel Chauvkin, for Classic Stage Company when I was the General Manager there. 


As for her professionalism, I have never worked with someone who responds in such a prompt and efficient fashion. The same is true on our shoots or whenever I am working with her: time is always made the best use of and the focus is on you (and the work) and making sure you are getting the product you need."- John Hume



"I did a headshot session with Jody and I couldn't be more thrilled with the shots I got.  I looked beautiful in the pictures, but more importantly, my personality jumped off the page - and that might be the hardest part for most photographers to capture, and Jody did it brilliantly."- Heather Cunningham, Actor/ Artistic Director, Retro Productions









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